How Will You Celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day?

Change a Pets Life Day


It takes so little to change a pet’s life and now there’s a whole day dedicated to it. Several years ago, some of the top animal welfare organizations came together to create Change a Pet’s Life Day. It takes place on Wednesday, January 24, and the purpose is to raise awareness of companion animal adoption and their well-being in general. You can do several things to help animals on this day or any other day.

Adopt a Pet from a Shelter
Hundreds of animal shelters across the country participate in this event by reducing or even waiving fees on Change a Pet’s Life Day. Some take it a step further by offering other incentives to adopt, such as a free spay or neuter surgery or providing all shots the pet needs. 

You literally save a dog or cat’s life when you adopt from a shelter, but it gets even better than that. By adopting one homeless pet, you free up space for the shelter to take in another. Even if you can’t adopt on January 24, you can let others know about the event by sharing a link on your social media accounts or telling them in person.

Consider Offering Foster Care for Pets
Not everyone can adopt for a variety of reasons. However, you can still help homeless pets by offering temporary shelter if possible. Local no-kill shelters are always looking for new pet foster parents. You would take the pet into your home and care for her until the volunteer organization finds a suitable permanent home. One of your volunteer duties might include helping to review applications from people wanting to adopt the pet. 

Volunteer to Help Promote the Event
This awareness campaign takes a lot of dedicated people to ensure the greatest results for pets. You can still help if you’re unable to adopt or foster a pet who needs a home. For example, you can offer to help promote Change a Pet’s Life Day by printing and distributing flyers, creating a graphic design, or paying to run an ad in the local newspaper in Grantsburg or Wild River. Another possibility is helping to process paperwork at the adoption events taking place in the community that day. 

Resolve to Change Your Own Pet’s Life This Year
The new year is the ideal time to start a new routine with a pet you already have, such as enrolling your dog in obedience classes or making sure your cat gets to the vet for regular check-ups. Grantsburg Animal Hospital and Wild River Veterinary Clinic look forward to seeing your pet in 2018, whether he’s been with you for years or you decided to adopt or foster on January 24. 
Photo Credit: Fat Camera / Getty Images

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