Keep Pet Safety in Mind When Celebrating This New Year's Eve

Celebrating New Years Eve
It doesn’t seem possible that we will turn the calendar from 2017 to 2018 in a matter of days. Whether you celebrate on New Year’s Eve or not, it’s important to take precautions if you have a pet. You could spend the evening reading a book and your dog or cat could still become anxious by the next-door neighbor lighting off fireworks. 
Like all holidays, New Year’s Eve is confusing from a pet’s point of view. It’s noisy, there’s strangers in the house, and there’s all these curious things like party hats, confetti, and noisemakers. We hope the following tips will help the furry members of your household have a safe and happy new year.
Don’t Let Your Pet Be a Party Animal
Even shy dogs and cats are bound to feel curious about what’s going on if you host a party on December 31. However, the best place for pets is far away from the party crowd in a bedroom or other room where you can close the door. Preferably, it won’t have windows that your pet can look out and become even more anxious by what might be going on outside. Be sure to stock the room with her favorite toys, bedding material, regular food, and enough water to get through the evening comfortably.
Loud and Unexpected Noises Can Heighten Your Pet’s Anxiety
While you and your guests might enjoy blowing and swinging noisemakers before and after midnight, these sounds can cause your pet extreme anxiety. The same is true of fireworks. Since you can’t control whether other people light them off, keeping your pet in another room with soft, relaxing music playing is your best bet. Just be sure to peak in often to offer comfort and praise your dog or cat for good behavior. 
Giving Alcohol to Pets is Not a Joke
People sometimes act in unexpected ways after having a bit to drink and may find it amusing to give beer, wine, or another type of alcoholic beverage to your dog or cat. However, this isn’t funny at all. Alcohol is toxic to pets, even in small doses. If you think this could happen at your party, let your guests know that you won’t tolerate it. You should also keep all alcoholic beverages out of your pet’s reach.
Make Sure Your Pet Has Proper Identification
Anxious or overly excited pets may still find a way to run out of the house while your attention is elsewhere on New Year’s Eve. At Grantsburg Animal Hospital and Wild River Veterinary Clinic, we recommend that you get a microchip for your dog or cat if you don’t already have one. It’s good to have a tag and collar, but they can come loose or stuck on a fence. When your pet has a microchip, anyone who finds him can take him to the nearest animal shelter or veterinary clinic. The staff will scan your pet, discover the microchip, and obtain your contact information.
The staff at both of our clinics wish you and your pet a happy and healthy 2018. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in 2017.

Photo Credit: master1305 / Getty Images


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