How to Choose the Best Toys for Your Cat This Holiday Season

It that gift-buying time of year again. If you share your home with one or more cats, you may be wondering what would make a good holiday gift. After all, cats require toys to keep their minds sharp, their weight down, and boredom at bay. At Grantsburg Animal Hospital and Wild River Veterinary Clinic, we urge you to consider safety before anything else. Many cat toys have small parts that can present a choking hazard. Specific things to look for include buttons, strings, sewn-on eyes, feathers, toyss with unsecured batteries, and small toys that your cat could try to swallow.


Toys that you choose for your cat should be large enough to fit into her mouth but nothing that she could swallow. You have probably also noticed that your cat can feel just as entertained by batting around common household items. However, you shouldn’t allow her access to pipe cleaners, small caps, hair ties, rubber bands, sewing supplies, buttons, flowers and plants, or batteries.


The Best Types of Toys for Cats
Today’s domesticated feline may not resemble his ancestors who had to hunt for their prey, but he still carries this instinct with him. You can help foster it by purchasing cat toys that allow him to chase and stalk. Fishing pole types of toys that you wave in front of your cat are ideal for this purpose as is a laser pointer. Cats tend to show more interest in toys that continually move rather than ones that you throw for them to chase on their own. If you buy toy mice, consider tying a string to one and pulling it across the floor for your cat to chase.
A treat dispenser is another good idea, especially if you have a cat who loves treats but hates exercise. By placing the treats inside of the toy, it forces your cat to chase it before it releases the treats for her to eat. Additionally, consider toys that your cat can use alone when you’re gone at work during the day. These could include small balls, toy mice, and food puzzles.
Check Your Cat’s Toys Often for Safety
You will need to keep some toys out of your cat’s reach while you’re not home, such as fishing pole toys. These are great fun for the two of you to play together, but your cat could swallow strings, feathers, or other embellishments when no one is home to supervise. You should also hide battery-operated toys or anything with small parts when your cat is home alone. Lastly, we encourage you to go through your cat’s toys regularly and throw away any broken items. 
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The staff at both of our clinics wish you the happiest of holidays!

Photo  credit: 2002lubava1981 / Getty Images

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