In Defense of Animals Sponsors Responsible Animal Guardian Month Every May

Animal Guardian Month
Several years ago, the organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) started the Responsible Animal Guardian campaign to encourage more respectful treatment of animals. This awareness campaign takes place the entire month of May every year. According to its website, the mission statement of the Guardian Campaign is to “bring about a more just, humane world by modeling responsible, caring, and respectful language and behavior towards the animals and people we encounter at home, in school, and in our community.”

How You Can Apply These Principals to Your Own Pet
Pets have the highest quality of life when their family cares for their whole being. This include tending to their physical, cognitive, and emotional health. IDA states that people who consider themselves their pet’s guardian rather than owner tend to have a deeper bond with the animal. Being a responsible animal guardian encompasses many things, including:
Spaying or neutering to prevent roaming behavior and overpopulation
Providing fresh water, nutritious food, and giving treats sparingly
Using positive reinforcement to bring about behavior change rather than punishing a pet who is still learning
Removing hazards from your home and yard that could cause illness or injury
Setting aside time each day to pet, talk to, and play with your dog or cat
Ensuring that your pet gets plenty of exercise and the chance to socialize if he has an outgoing personality
Besides encouraging a language change and for people to be more responsible towards animals, IDA also hopes to encourage pet adoption. Rather than buy a dog, cat, or other type of animal from a pet store or breeder, consider adopting one from an animal shelter instead. You will save a life by giving a deserving animal a second chance to have a loving family.
Don’t Forget to Schedule Check-Ups for Your Pet
Preventive care exams are just as important for pets as they are for people. We encourage you to schedule an annual check-up if your companion animal is between one and seven years old. Puppies, kittens, middle-aged pets, and senior pets need preventive care more often. It’s not too late to start a preventive care routine with your pet if you normally only bring her in when sick or injured.
Please contact Grantsburg Animal Hospital at 715-463-2536 or Wild River Veterinary Clinic at 320-629-7474 to request an appointment. If you’re out of the local area code, you can reach both clinics by calling 1-800-924-0588.

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